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Ekamutu Pre-School and Community Centre in tsunami-affected Devinuwara

Ekamutu Welfare Society is a local welfare group set up in 1998 to provide for the needs of the local community. The society has grown to 785 members who each contribute a small amount each month. The Society then provides community services such as pre-school, cultural classes for unemployed youths and general support to its members. The majority of the members are fishermen and so were hit hard by the tsunami and damaged livelihoods have meant things have been tough for them and their families.

Since the tsunami the demand for the Society’s services has increased and they were struggling to accommodate the growing numbers wishing to attend the pre-school and cultural classes. Shortly after the tsunami the group received a large tent from one of the aid agencies and have been using it for some of the classes. Time and the tropical weather have taken their toll on the canvas which started to sag and leak. Some of the parents were reluctant to send their children to class because of fears of the security of the structure.

Through this project supported by funds raised by Pharpsyde, we are providing a new hall for use by all the Society groups. This will secure the future of the pre-school and the classes which have been of considerable benefit to the members. Furthermore, the hall will serve as a village meeting place and a centre for the community.

We are using local workers and local materials in this project to keep the benefits within the community which was devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami. In support of the project Society members and their families are assisting with the construction work.