Aid Sri Lanka Foundation

Thal Aramba Project - Overview

The village of Thal Aramba lies on Sri Lanka’s south coast and was badly hit by the tsunami on 26 December 2004. Within this village, three private pre-schools were completely destroyed. This project, funded by Travel Aid 50 and PATA, will see the construction and equipment of a new building to enable the children of Thal Aramba to continue their pre-school education.

The new school, on the grounds of the Siri Mihindu temple, will provide a high quality, safe and pleasant learning environment for up to 135 children. In addition to the actual building the project will provide all the equipment and materials needed, as identified by the teachers. Furthermore, in order to ensure the long-term success of the school, funds have been set aside for building maintenance and the purchase of additional equipment which may be required over the next five years.

Aid Sri Lanka recognises the need to support local enterprises and highly recommended local contractors Senani Construction Ltd are undertaking the work. They are employing local Thal Aramba villagers for the unskilled labour, providing an income for those who may have lost their livelihoods in the tsunami.

Aid Sri Lanka’s Operations Manager is in contact with the foreman and undertakes regular visits to the site to ensure that work is proceeding according to plan. Lacking the technical expertise, we have enslisted an independent expert to undertake regular checks to ensure the work is being completed to our high standards.

The new school is scheduled to open in the Autumn. In the interim, lessons are taking place in a small classroom in the temple grounds. The teachers, Miss Nilu and Miss Anoma have a semilngly endless enthusiasm and energy and spend the days singing, dancing and playing with the 63 children currently in their care. We are in regular contact with them and will meet any needs that may arise in the interim period.

The temporary school is a stone’s throw away from the new site and the teachers, parents and children watch the progress eagerly. All are excited about the big move in the Autumn.

As with all our projects, we believe that it is important to include all parties in discussions and decisions and we are in regular contact with the teachers, the monk and the contractors to make sure that everyone is happy with the way the project is progressing.